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Track meaningful actions on your website.

We Love Data…

Analytics Audits

Fully Custom Reporting

Conversion Rate Optimization

Data Architecture

A/B Testing

Conversions Setup

…Because We Are Storytellers

Think of each data point as a mix of letters, words, and chapters in the storybook of your brand. We dissect this alphabet soup and make sense of chaos to understand who uses your website and why. The better we understand your audience, the better we are equipped to rewrite your story with the fairytale ending that improves the bottom line of your business. We offer a suite of services to make that happen.

Analytics Audits

One of the most valuable assets you likely aren’t even aware of is your own data. We dig deep to discover who your users are, how they are using your site, where they come from, and why they do or don’t convert. If your website does not have analytics installed, we take care of that too.

Conversions Setup

Many businesses big and small do not track the most important actions on their site. From contact form submissions and account creations to e-commerce purchases, we can track anything. We use conversion data to evaluate the best marketing channels and calculate an ROI for you.

A/B Testing

Our philosophy is one of perpetual improvement. Your site can always be better but knowing what to change can be tricky and measuring the effects can be even harder. Our passion for data makes A/B testing and reporting a service we are happy to offer.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Everything we do comes down to making your business more profitable. One key way we do this is by using data to determine how to improve your site to increase conversions. Let us show you how we can add value to your business with our conversion rate optimization service.

Truly Custom Reporting

No templates. Each report and dashboard is custom-built with your business in mind.


  • Access realtime data 24/7 from any device
  • Track actions on your website that are meaningful
  • See paid campaign performance at-a-glance
  • Identify which marketing efforts are a waste of money
  • Drive strategy based on real data
  • Measure everything

Custom Data Solutions

We realize some organizations have a problem to solve but have no idea what a solution might even look like.

We do.

We not only are masters of reporting, but we build custom solutions that will empower your business to find meaningful insights and develop data-driven strategies that drive profits to a new level.

Evolve your business with Odd Hive. 


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