Our Approach to SEO

No Templates. No Shortcuts. Just Good Marketing.

Our Philosophy

It’s always about the person.

Good SEO comes down to improving your customers’ user experience with your website. Just think about how Google works: Its job is to serve the best possible search result, giving you the best experience. Everything we do for our partners serves this goal. We don’t manipulate search engines, we improve customer experiences which increases your rankings and ultimately, your profits.

What Does SEO Success Look Like?

Increased Web Traffic

Show up naturally in Google when your most valuable potential customers are searching.

Higher User Engagement

More traffic is not a good thing when it’s low quality. We bring in users that engage with your brand.

Higher Conversion Rate

To help quantify the value of SEO, we will show you how your organic conversion rate has improved over time.

More Sales

We measure how many purchases come from organic traffic to quantify the value of our SEO efforts.

What is SEO?

Simply put, SEO is the art and science of increasing your website’s ranking in Google and other organic (non-paid) search engines. Good SEO ultimately comes down to improving the user experience to increase engagement and increase sales for your business.

In practice, this means understanding your industry, competitors, and customers on an intimate level. We research and select the most relevant and valuable keywords your ideal customers are using and develop a plan to implement them on your website in a manner that improves the user experience.

“Good SEO comes down to improving the user experience to increase engagement and ultimately increase sales for your business.”

We don’t have time for or interest in empty promises. We don’t accept every client and we will tell you up front if investing in SEO is not the best strategy for your business.

Do I Actually Need SEO?

Maybe not.

The fact is that SEO may not be the best use of money for certain businesses with limited resources. It all depends on your product, industry, customers, and objectives. What Odd Hive won’t do is sell you on a service you don’t need because our success is directly tied to yours. Contact us to see if SEO is the best option for your business.

There Are 16.73 Trillion Agencies Doing SEO

Why Should I Use Odd Hive?

SEO is often code for bullshit. In fact, this is one of the reasons Odd Hive was started. After countless encounters with business owners who were, quite frankly, getting screwed by someone claiming to do SEO, there was a clear need for transparency and ethics in this industry. Odd Hive is unique in its philosophical approach to SEO and strong emphasis on client communication. We don’t do templates. We don’t do bullshit. We just do good marketing and back that up with data.

“We don’t do templates. We don’t do bullshit. We just do good marketing and back that up with data.”

What Does Working with Us Look Like?

“Giorgio was our account manager on a long-term SEO maintenance project. He took the time to understand our market and find solutions that spoke accurately to our core. He excelled at managing the required busy work of SEO, yet also found new and clever solutions for our individual challenges. He understands the details of search, and he knows how to tune and win in search engine results pages. He doesn’t give lip service to SEO. He digs in and makes it happen. Our organic traffic is stronger than ever, and our revenue has followed suit. He knows his stuff.

Our bottom line benefitted from his expertise.”


Marketing Manager, Blade HQ


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