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Maximize ROI Across All Online Advertising Channels

Not all paid media channels are created equal. At Odd Hive we evaluate your company, your industry, your competition, and your customers to determine which paid campaigns will bring you the highest return on investment. We then dive head first into the data to continually improve ROI over time by optimizing campaigns and allocating budget where you will see the best results. 

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Social Media Advertising


Conversion Rate Optimization


Google Ads

Google Ads gives brands the opportunity to have their ads appear in the exact moment that potential customers are looking for their product or service. At Odd Hive, we put ourselves in the shoes of your customer, choosing the precise time and place to show your ads when users are most likely to convert. We then use data to make calculated decisions to further improve your campaigns over time. More likely than not, your current campaigns are wasting budget and not taking advantage of critical settings. Let us show you where you’re leaving money on the table.

Social Media Advertising

3 out of 4 adults in the US use at least 1 social media site ( Being where your customers are is critical in driving successful integrated campaigns. The impressive ability to target users based on online behaviors and detailed demographic data enables you to show your ads to people who fit your ideal customer profile and are most likely to convert. Social ads can be especially effective for visually compelling brands where influencers play a vital role in purchase decisions. Done well, social ads not only drive direct, measurable sales, but can also boost the effectiveness of other paid and organic channels.


Most consumers end up seeing an ad for any given product or service several times before they finally make a purchase. Retargeting allows one to serve ads that highlight your message to people who have already shown interest in your website or business and are more likely to convert. Effective creative combined with careful retargeting can drive sales and leads from those website visitors who otherwise would have left your site without taking action. 

Conversion Rate Optimization

We don’t optimize for clicks. At Odd Hive, we spend energy creating campaigns that convert. Through careful keyword research, talented copywriting, ongoing bid management, A/B testing, and unparalleled data analysis, we optimize for conversions. If you don’t have conversion actions configured on your website, we can handle that too.

Maximize Your Profits

Many say the goal of marketing is to generate revenue. Anyone can spend your money, but we spend it wisely so your bottom line feels the difference. At the end of the day we optimize for profits with measurable results. Get the best return on ad spend by working with Odd Hive.


What Does Working with Odd Hive Look Like?

Giorgio was our account manager on a long-term SEO maintenance project. He took the time to understand our market and find solutions that spoke accurately to our core. He excelled at managing the required busy work of SEO, yet also found new and clever solutions for our individual challenges. He understands the details of search, and he knows how to tune and win in search engine results pages. He doesn’t give lip service to SEO. He digs in and makes it happen. Our organic traffic is stronger than ever, and our revenue has followed suit. He knows his stuff.

Our bottom line benefitted from his expertise.

Ben Petersen

Marketing Manager, Blade HQ

We have worked with Odd Hive for several years now, and they have literally helped us grow our the point that our bottleneck has been operations to keep up with the growth. Even though we contract out with Odd Hive, I feel like they are part of the team, we brainstorm together, they respond immediately, and often they present me with solutions to improvements that weren't even on my radar. I didn't know anyone at the company before we contracted with them, but am positive that if you are lucky enough to have the fortunate timing of becoming one of their clients when they have an opening, you should take it. (After working with them for awhile we were excited when they had some time available and doubled our contract so they could take on additional projects with our expansion.)

Taylor Harris

Owner, The Food Truck League

Results-driven is what I got when I approached this company. My contact person Giorgio, asked all the right questions and knew exactly what I wanted as an outcome. They invested time in my company and myself. Giorgio walked me through the entire process; I was able to see firsthand - the impact of their work on my business. My customer's experience with my website has been drastically improved, traffic to my website has increased and sales have gone up. Looking to improve your web traffic, customer engagement and profits....choose Odd Hive.

Maurice Egan

Owner, Local Food Walking Tours

The Odd Hive team always goes above and beyond to exceed our expectations! They always do whatever it takes to make sure your vision is executed flawlessly, every time. I highly recommend Odd Hive!
Chelsea Briggs

Office Manager, Cosmetics Industry

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